Neutering Your Pet

What to Expect and Why It's Important!

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At Beach Avenue Animal Hospital we are proud to offer professional and affordable neutering surgery in Vancouver city. Not only are we this, but we are a small clinic where your phone call will be return in a matter of minutes, rather than days.

Have you just picked up a new puppy or kitten, and are now realising they have quite a few additional costs? Neutering your pet should not cost an arm and a leg. Neutering is a noninvasive and quick procedure. Paying nearly $1000 is an unfair price. Some quick facts about neutering:

  1. Can be done anytime after 6 months old (even if they are 4 years old).
  2. 2 week recovery time
  3. Should cost around $300-400
  4. Pet must be fasted before surgery
  5. Sutures usually do not need to removed and are absorbed by the body.
  6. Some pets can be cryptorchid (undescended testes) and this will make it a slightly more complex, and costly procedure.

How does the neutering process work?

Here is a little ‘what to expect’ when you come your neutering surgery at Beach Avenue Animal Hospital. 

  1. When you book an appointment you will be emailed an estimate and consent form for your records, and to sign online. You will also place a $100 deposit to secure the surgery date. This is refundable as long as you cancel 48 hours before, within our opening times.
  2. Your pet must be fasted. This is very important, and will be confirmed with you prior to surgery.
  3. You will have a check-in appointment with the Dr (between 9:30 – 10 AM) he will make sure your pet is fit and healthy, and explain the process, alongside answering any questions you may have.
  4. Your pet will be in our care from this check-in time until they are ready to go home. This is usually between the hours of 3 – 5 PM, but it can be later and is rarely earlier.
  5. The post-surgery care is an important step when it comes to your pets healing. Wearing the cone, and keeping them away from the incision site is crucial to allow optimal healing. If you have a super bouncy pet, you can also speak with the Doctor about prescribing some post-surgery calming meds to make sure they don’t disrupt any stitches.

And just like that, your little dude has been neutered! Neutering is highly recommend, by veterinarians and Vancouver city. If you are unsure whether getting your pet neutered is the right decision for you,  book a consultation with your local Doctor, and allow them to discuss the process with you. If you are wanting affordable neutering surgery, give us a call or email today.

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Your pet’s happiness is our priority! If your furry friend needs anything, don’t hesitate to call. We’re here to guide and ensure their well-being with a warm touch and friendly advice.